Challenged Assets

A challenged asset is any corporate asset that doesn’t have sufficient cash value to meet book or wholesale value resulting in negative accounting issues such as write offs or reserves. Typical assets include excess production, unsold capacity, or excess inventories and other corporate assets such as unneeded real estate, leases, and used capital equipment.

Combining corporate trade transaction modeling with AltCurrency, challenged and non-performing assets can be leveraged to receive full value in AltCurrency instead of liquidating at at a fraction of its value. And, AltCurrency can be used just like cash towards payment for purchasing, advertising, travel and capital expenses.




Early stage companies can exchange equity for AltCurrency that can be used towards the payment for purchasing, media and capital expenditures.

Cruise Lines

Cruise lines can benefit with an advance payment in AltCurrency for last minute unsold cabins, which is used to reduce operational and marketing expenses.


Hospitality companies can leverage unsold room night capacity into AltCurrency that can be used towards payment for FF&E, MRO, amenities and advertising.

Events & Attractions

Pre-sell unsold capacity and tickets to shows, concerts, events and attractions for AltCurrency to increase attendance and enhance event audiences.


Restaurants can monetize excess capacity to convert unsold seats into AltCurrency that is used for marketing and to reduce cash operating expenses.

Real Estate

Reach a vast new market of buyers by accepting the down payment for real estate in AltCurrency, and use it for marketing and towards the payment of building materials.

Transaction Process


Discover companies with excess capacity, production or inventory to provide them with liquidity at full value for underperforming assets.


Smart contracts are leveraged to provide clients with AltCurrency tokens that are used as payment for purchasing and capital expenses.


Tokens received by clients for illiquid assets are redeemed for products, services, media and travel, or are exchanged for other coins or cash.


Acquired assets are re-marketed through new distribution channels to provide leveraged value to token holders and investors.



Asset Portfolio

Radio Advertising
$25,000 Due Bill contracts redeemable for 30 or 60 second radio spot advertising. Select market, region or station format.
Lifestyle Magazine Ads
Upscale magazine advertising features travel, entertainment and dining. Distributed in NY, Miami and the Caribbean.
National Magazine Ads
$110,000 – $169,000 pages in national business magazines distributed to millions of wealthy business readers.
Downhill Skis
Large inventory of well known brand skis in various models and sizes. Ideal for ski shops and rental departments at ski areas.