Asset Backed Tokens

Asset Backed Tokens

Cryptocurrency vs Asset Backed Tokens

Asset backed cryptocurrencies are actually tokenised assets that are built on a blockchain-based network, such as Ethereum, Neo or similar. Most asset backed cryptocurrencies are really not cryptocurrency in the true sense of the term, and many aren’t even blockchain projects.

Tokenised assets are a very different product to true cryptocurrencies. They have a use-case, as they offer liquidity and access. A tokenised asset is different because it’s not a cryptocurrency and doesn’t exhibit the network effects adoption, volatility and appreciation or depreciation of coins such as Bitcoin or Ether.

Real Innovation Occurs When You Create Something New

Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal & one of the most respected & visionary investors, libertarians & true contrarians — who knows how to spot innovation — talks about innvation in his book “Zero to One”. Thiel says that each moment in business happens only once, and as an extension, so does real innovation.

“Zero to One”, means creating solutions where there were none before. To Thiel there are two types of innovation. If you take something that exists and improve upon it you go from 1 to n. However, if we create something new on the other hand, we go from “0 to 1.”

This an excellent model for what’s happening in the Crypto / Blockchain space. Bitcoin was “0 to 1”. Nothing like it existed before, and in reality, just about everything after it has been a “1 to n” of it, except maybe the concept behind Ethereum and some others.

If you apply that model to asset backed crypto’s, you’ll see how it’s just a bunch of random get-rich-quick people trying to apply current models of thinking to a new & inovative technology.

TradeBanc’s Differentiation

TradeBanc created something new. It’s AltCurrency asset backed token model enables processes and trade, reward, and payment platforms never before possible. Just imagine a few of its applications…

  • Early stage established companies can trade equity for ALTC Tokens and then use those tokens towards the payment of expenses such as marketing, software development, travel and advertising.
  • Multiplii incentivizes consumers with $44 billion in unredeemed gift cards to not only redeem their national brand gift card at any merchant in the network, but to also receive 125% of the value remaining on their gift card. And, unlike Groupon that pays merchants about 27% of the sale amount, merchants that accept Multiplii receive 100% of the value of their sale.
  • MerchantRewards, a service offered to merchants by their merchant service provider or bank, provides merchants with a 1% rebate on their total credit card processing volume.
  • CryptoBarterExchange enables companies, entrepreneurs and service providers to trade their products services, excess capacity and production for other products and services, but also offers the possibility to trade their tokens for other cryptocurrency, as well as cash out.
  • National Card Choice enables consumers to purchase national brand digital gift cards with cryptocurrency, gift the cards to family, friends and employees, who can then exchange the gift card received for any other brand of card.

You can learn more about these platform’s to envision how AltCurrency is leveraged into a brilliant array of business models by visiting these websites: www.Multiplii.Club, www.MerchantRewards.Biz, and